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English version: Metibla – Hell Holes (Self-signed, 2012)

Suffering and being inadequate in a world that does not suit us. This seems to be the motto of Metibla’s début, entitled “Hell Holes”. Even if some of the tracks may prove the contrary (“Grave Sweet Grave”, “You Lie, I Don’t”), I am not talking about an emo-core revival, nor about basket-case punk rockers a là early Green Day. Metibla was founded in 2003 as a one-man band of the videomaker Riccardo Ponis, who later meets up with Paolo Alvano, V Fisik and Mario “The Phoenix” Sestili. After the line-up was confirmed, the recorded album took three years before being released.

“Hell Holes” is more keen on the Twilight Singers’ atmospheres, in which sorrow and feeling of loss are somehow linked to new-wave’s melancholy. This would be great, if the band didn’t come up with some punk infusions (“Fool”), some almost Yellowcard-like electric tunes (“Grave Sweet Grave”) and a bit of old country/blues rock, in which spoken word and instruments in the foreground really distract the listener, even if in a pleasant way (“Cross the Rain”). The more radio-friendly tracks (such as the grunge-esque “Spino”) create, alongside with the fast screamo of “Fool”, an electric side of the album that really grabs the listener, whereas the ballads can become sometimes a bit redundant in the tunes and lyrics. It may a conscious hypnotic device, but it really does not fulfill its purpose (“Crack”, “Molly”). Also the post-hardcore and rougher spoken vocals a là One Dimensional Man  (quite famous Italian band, especially in the underground scene, whose member Pierpaolo Capovilla is now frontman of Teatro degli Orrori) of “Brand New One” do not really cope with the ballad-like outline. However, the dark melancholy of “Victory” and “Pain” (“Sleeping pills just to live another wrong day”) pleasantly mix Robert Smith, Lou Reed and the most avantguarde Bowie of the Seventies.
All in all, this is quite a multifarious album that may not grab on the whole, but it still is a proof of an interesting band to keep an eye on, especially if you are keen on extreme feelings and styles.
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Crack | Fool | Pain | Victory | Spino | Brand new one | Grave sweet grave | Cross the rain | You live, I don’t! | Molly [/box]

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